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  Here's some things you may be curious about:

  • Football data prior to 2003 was imported from College Football Data Warehouse. Thanks to the guys at that site for letting me use the data.
  • Most basketball data prior to 2002 was imported from Charlie Board's ACC Stats Site. Thanks to Charlie for gathering all the data. I'd also like to thank my brother for writing some of the player biographies.
  • I've yet to be able to find complete basketball boxscores from before the 1989-90 season. That's why those stats are not present. If I can find them in electronic format, I'd be glad to import them into the database. Importing does not take nearly as much time and effort as say, data entry (ack!).
  • This site was created to load as fast as possible and be easy to navigate. Sorry to fans of graphics and colors.
  • These stats are in no way meant to be "official".  No announcer should use this site for research.  Especially Vitale.
  • If you have any other questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to contact me.

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